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2015-08-07 Doni Pracnerupdate the ant documentation a bit
2014-11-25 Doni Pracnerdocumenting the new ant testing tasks
2014-10-21 Doni Pracnerinstall doc - spell check
2014-10-21 Doni Pracnerinstall doc - another specific distro that it was ran on
2014-08-16 Doni Pracnerfermat install tutorial - change of order in the starti...
2014-08-16 Doni Pracnerupdates to the install tutorial by Martin Ward
2014-08-16 Doni Pracneradded tutorial for installing FermaT on Linux
2014-04-22 Doni PracnerMerge branch 'vars' into work
2014-04-14 Doni Pracnermore notes about what is different - heap, null, etc
2014-02-15 Doni Pracnerant - updates to use the jar for the MJ compiler. The...
2014-02-12 Doni Pracnerdocs - new txt about running the ant tasks
2014-02-12 Doni Pracnerdocs - new txt about mjc2wsl, what works, what is diffe...
2014-02-12 Doni Pracnerdocs - added MircoJava specification pdfs that were... maintanance Doni Pracner