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1 MJC2WSL - convert MicroJava Compiled Bytecode to WSL/FermaT
2 ===========================================================
4 mjc2wsl is distributed under the GPL licence, for more details check the src
5 folder. More about the tools can be found in the "docs" folder.
8 Quick build and test
9 --------------------
11 Running ant in the folder should compile the tool and then do a test -
12 compile all of the sample MicroJava codes into MJ bytecode, translate them
13 to WSL and then apply the given transformations in MetaWSL to the programs.
15 Look in the "docs" folder for more details about running the available ant
16 tasks, configurations, installations etc.
19 Requirements
20 ------------
22 - java JDK for compiling and running the mjc2wsl tool and the MJ compiler
24 - ant for building and testing
25 -- ant-contrib tasks are needed for some of the tasks
27 - FermaT for running the translated examples and applying the transformations
28 (FermaT Maintanance Environment can be used)
29 Downloads available at
31 Check the docs folder for a more detailed tutorial on how to install
32 FermaT under Linux.
35 Setting the FermaT dir
36 ----------------------
38 The ant build script assumes that Fermat is in "C:/fermat3" under Windows
39 and "~/fermat3" for everything else (Linux/Mac...).
41 If you need to change this you can rename (or copy) the given file
42 "" to "" and specify a correct
43 path for your system.
46 About MicroJava
47 ---------------
49 This is a simple language made by H. Mössenböck for a Compiler Construction
50 course. It is NOT the same as Java Micro Edition (JavaME) used on mobile
51 phones.
53 For details about the language and the version used in this project check
54 out the "docs" folder.
56 More about the course, the language and its VM:
59 A functional compiler is distributed in the lib folder for ease of testing
60 and evaluating. Check the folder for further details.
63 Contact
64 -------
66 Project home:
69 Feel free to contact Doni Pracner if you have any problems, ideas
70 or suggestions. maintanance Doni Pracner