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ant - added properties for MJ compiler/runner class names
[mjc2wsl.git] / README.txt
1 MJC2WSL - convert MicroJava Compiled Bytecode to WSL/FermaT
2 ===========================================================
4 Quick build and test
5 --------------------
7 Running ant in the folder should compile the tool as well
8 as the MJ compiler and then do a test - compile all of the
9 sample MicroJava codes into MJ bytecode, translate them
10 to WSL and then apply the given transformations in MetaWSL
11 to the programs.
14 Requirements
15 ------------
17 - java JDK for compiling and running the mjc2wsl tool and the MJ compiler
19 - ant for building and testing
20 -- ant-contrib tasks are needed for some of the tasks
22 - FermaT for running the translated examples and applying the transformations
23 (FermaT Maintanance Environment can be used)
24 Downloads available at
27 Setting the FermaT dir
28 ----------------------
30 The ant build script assumes that Fermat is in "C:/fermat3" under
31 Windows and "~/fermat3" for everything else (Linux/Mac...).
33 If you need to change this you can rename (or copy) the given
34 file "" to "" and
35 specify a correct path for your system.
38 About MicroJava
39 ---------------
41 This is a simple language made by H. Mössenböck for a Compiler
42 Construction course. It is not the same as Java Micro Edition
43 (JavaME) used on mobile phones.
45 More about the course, the language and its VM:
49 Contact
50 -------
52 Project home:
55 Feel free to contact Doni Pracner if you have any problems, ideas
56 or suggestions. maintanance Doni Pracner