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ant - updates to use the jar for the MJ compiler. The compiler.class.dir can still...
[mjc2wsl.git] / docs / running-ant.txt
1 Running the ant tasks
2 ============================================================
4 This project supplies an ant build file.
6 When used without parameters it will
7 - build the main tool, mjc2wsl
8 - compile all the given MicroJava samples in a temp folder
9 - translated these to WSL
10 - run a transformation script for all of these files
11 (if FermaT is found)
13 There are other tasks available, as well as the option of
14 doing some of the above taks on their own.
16 Many of these can be given parameters, such as
18 ant mjc2wsl -Dfilename=temp/Rek1.obj -Dmjc2wsl.options=-q
21 General tasks
22 -------------
24 all - the default one.
26 init - sets everything up, makes the folders, copies the
27 samples as needed. Used by most, just in case.
29 clean - will clean up everything in the temp dirs and
30 the bin dires, as well as the logs.
33 mjc2wsl tasks
34 -------------
36 mjc2wsl - run the tool on a single file given in "filename".
37 influenced by "mjc2wsl.options"
39 mjc2wsl - runs the tool on all obj files in "samples.temp.dir"
42 MicroJava tasks
43 ---------------
45 These tasks use "compiler.class.jar" to get the classes,
46 but will also look first into "compiler.class.dir" if there
47 is any override.
50 mj-decode - decode the bytecode given in "filename" into
51 operation names and parameteres (uses
52 "compiler.classname.decoder")
54 mj-decode-samples - decode the samples in "samples.temp.dir"
55 and save everything in a file called "decoded.txt" in the
56 same dir.
58 mj-compile - compile a file given with "filename" (uses
59 "compiler.classname.compiler")
61 mj-samples - compile all the samples in "samples.temp.dir"
63 mj-run - run with MJVM the obj file given in "filename",
64 give it "inputstring" as the inputstring (uses
65 "compiler.classname.interpreter")
68 WSL tasks
69 ---------
71 All of these are influenced by "fermat.dir" - it needs to
72 be setup properly.
74 wsl-run - run the wsl file given in "filename",
75 give it "inputstring" as the inputstring.
77 wsl-transf - run the wsl transformation script (given in
78 "transf.wsl.file" on "transf.filename". the result file ends
79 with "_t".
81 wsl-transf-samples - transform all the wsl file in the
82 samples folder, except those ending in "_t" (should be
83 transformations results from earlier).
86 Testing tasks
87 -------------
89 test-run - run sequentially the '.obj', '.wsl' and '_t.wsl'
90 versions of the same program. given are "file.dir" and
91 "" without an extension.
93 test-run-samples-dir - same as above, presumes that
94 "file.dir" is "samples.temp.dir".
97 Logging
98 ------------------------------------------------------------
100 Calls to some of the bigger tasks are automatically logged
101 in the "log.dir" directory.
103 mjc2wsl-samples is logged in "mjc2wsl-TIMESTAMP.txt". the
104 last run is always copied to "mjc2wsl.txt" (property
105 "log.file.mjc2wsl")
107 wsl-transf-samples is logged in
108 "transformations-TIMESTAMP.txt". The last run is always
109 copied to "transformations.txt" (property
110 "log.file.transformations") maintanance Doni Pracner